Butterfly – wood bench

bianchini e lusiardi-TIFF-award-2012-bench-butterfly-0-designboom

Butterfly bench
Thai International Furniture Fair (Tiff) Design Award 2012 | wood furniture international design competition
design:  Bianchini e Lusiardi associati
Organizer: Designboom
Year: 2012
Type: furniture

“Butterfly bench” has been included in the “Top 20” and selected for prototyping.

bianchini e lusiardi-TIFF-award-2012-bench-butterfly-2-designboom


Catalogue of the Design Competition and images of the prototype.

bianchini e lusiardi-TIFF-award-2012-bench-butterfly-designboom-board-1

bianchini e lusiardi-TIFF-award-2012-bench-butterfly-designboom-board-2

bianchini e lusiardi-TIFF-award-2012-bench-butterfly-designboom-board-3

above: Design Competition boards

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