In the last 15 years, Bianchini & Lusiardi have developed consultancies and feasibility studies for major cultural developments, both in Italy and abroad. Our consultancy services for the cultural sector focus on:

– communication strategies for cultural institutions and museums

– feasibility studies for cultural site development (area demographics and competition, site and urban analysis, preliminary cost analysis, local constraints and regulations)

– visitor-institution interaction, visitor profiling, museum services for international visitors

– benchmarking and comparison with similar cultural sites and institutions, locally and internationally

B&L is also the publisher of Inexhibit, one of the most recognized web magazines covering exhibition and cultural site design internationally; we have therefore our finger on the pulse of the current situation of cultural projects and museums, on the visitors’ expectations, as well as on the newest trends and technologies related to cultural and exhibition projects. Feel free to contact us for further details on what we can do for you!