H/L Home – House renovation in Tuscany


HL Home – House renovation in Tuscany
year: 2002 /2003
client: private client
Architects: Bianchini & Lusiardi Associati
Engineer: Marco Ticozzi

The restoration and conservative rehabilitation project involved a stone building, abandoned for many years, located in a village in Lunigiana (Tuscany).
The building, free on all sides and with a total area of 600 square meters, has a structure of bearing walls in rough stone and consists of two juxtaposed bodies: the main one, which follows the course of the access road, develops partly on two and partly on three levels, the other portion, smaller and older, overlooks the green area of relevance and is spread over two floors with a large vaulted room on the ground floor.
The project provided for the safety of the entire building; all the floors and the roof were built and, at the same time, the structural consolidation interventions envisaged by the anti-seismic legislation were implemented.
For the restoration of the qualifying elements of the building, and the finishes of the facades, the indications of the recovery plan were followed.
The smaller portion of the building and a part corresponding to about one-third of the surface of the main body have been completed with the function of housing and a craft workshop of lutherie.


bianchini e lusiardi-recupero-casa-HL-piante-e-fronti


bianchini-e-lusiardi-recupero-casa-HL-lavori-in corso






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