Verbania Theater fire safety design 01

Verbania Theater, under constuction in Fall 2015, fire protection design by B&L, photo by Marco Ferrari

Since 1999, Bianchini & Lusiardi associati has developed a substantial experience in safety design for museums, public buildings, theaters, and all public places where a large number of people congregate.

From small auditoriums to 4000-seat theatrical complexes, from small commercial spaces to large public buildings, we have a successful record in this field.

As public space designers ourselves, we have the capability to interact with architects, engineers and design teams so to understand your needs, provide the right answers, suggest proper materials, spatial configurations and dimensioning, as well as the most appropriate safety regulation compliant technical solutions.

We have also a broad experience in developing all the technical drawings, dealing with local authorities and fire-safety departments (in advance), and file the most appropriate documentation and official applications to get the mandatory approval for large public buildings and events. Feel free to contact us for further details and/or quotations.